The couch sighed softly as she sat down and made herself comfortable. The room was an absolute mess, leftovers from her previous projects lay strewn about haphazardly. She tried her best to ignore them, there would be time to clean up later. She stifled a yawn as she lifted the laptop from it’s resting place and put her feet up on the comfortable yet mismatched footstool. She realized that she had no idea how the footstool had made it’s way into the living room, but she wasn’t going to complain, it made using the laptop on her lap that much more comfortable, if not easier.

Absently, she ran her hand through her hair, noting that it was not as dry and brittle anymore. She smiled to herself, realizing that these were awfully strange and mundane things for her to notice. She made a mental note to get back to being so blissfully ignorant about her appearance, but knew that deep down she would continue to notice things like how dry her hair is. She fiddled with a lock of her platinum white hair for another moment, really impressed that she hadn’t destroyed it as badly as she thought she had.

Stop it.

She rolled her shoulders, stretching out her tired muscles. She’d been at the computer for three days now, accomplishing nothing but really wasting her time. Another blog, another social networking site, Twitter… So much to update because her fans and friends and family couldn’t all just use the same bloody networking sites could they? No, she had to appeal to everyone. Oh well.

She twined her fingers together and stretched her arms, relishing the crack in her joints at her neck and shoulders. She never could get her fingers to pop.

She made one final adjustment to the laptop on her lap, moving the computer so that it wasn’t so hot on her skin through the thin pants she was wearing. Yawning again, though not bothering to hide it this time, she positioned her fingers against the keys and began to type…

…she was Kai Kiriyama, The Great and Terrible. And she was on a mission…


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