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I’m not usually one for giving advice, because everyone does, but I have a few thoughts about motivation and meeting goals. This is especially important for all you creative types out there because it’s really the attitude that you have going into and on with what you’re doing that changes your outcome.

You wanna get anywhere in life?

Remove the words “maybe”, “if,” “perhaps”, and “aspiring” from your vocabulary. Whatever you’re doing will happen when it’s meant to.

You are NOT an “aspiring” anything.

YOU ARE A writer/musician/singer/actor/dancer/gumshoe/vigilante/superhero/philanthropist/evil cyborg overlord sent from the future to enslave mankind.

The word “aspiring” suggests that you’re not sure of yourself and that you’re still not fully committed to your craft, whatever that may be.

Now, I know that removing these words from your vocabulary is difficult. I’m not gonna lie, it took me almost 10 years to completely remove the word “aspiring” from my description of myself. But I’m not “aspiring” to be a writer anymore.


I am a monthly contributor to Zombie Training Magazine. I do some freelance work on the side. I write my own blog, maintain said blog (although lately it’s been more sparse than I normally like) and I write short stories, novels and screenplays that I am working towards getting published.

I write. A lot. Therefore, I AM a writer.

If I am “aspiring” towards anything, then I am “aspiring” towards getting paid for my work, which is what happens when you get published. Or whatever it is that you do. (I write these ideas from a writer’s perspective.)

Do you write music and play it? Then you ARE a musician.

Do you act? Then you ARE an actor.

Have you been sent back in time by Skynet (or similar future establishment) to enslave humanity? Then you ARE an evil cyborg overlord sent from the future to enslave mankind.

You’re not “aspiring” anymore. You have become what you’ve wanted to become. So get rid of that damn word already.

Like I said, it took me almost 10 years to get rid of it myself, and sometimes, I admit that I still use it to refer to myself when talking with new people or filling out online questionnaires, but that’s beside the point. Get rid of it. Once you fully commit yourself to what you are doing, and stop using the word “aspiring” things will become much easier for you in your head.

Now you’re probably complaining that you have to work a “real job” to pay your bills and stuff. But that’s all it is: a means to pay your bills UNTIL YOU ARE PAID FOR DOING YOUR CRAFT.

There is no “maybe” or “if” about it. No “perhaps”. It WILL happen when it’s MEANT to. If you have to work a crappy burger-flipping job for ten years to put yourself through college and to pay your bills until you can become that artist who sells billions of dollars of art, then so be it. Take away the doubt of the words “if” and “maybe” along with the soul-crushing word “aspiring” and it doesn’t seem so bad.

You are working your “real job” to pay your bills. Nothing more. You ARE a writer, (or whatever) and you WILL make a living off it when it’s time. Hell, stop referring to your burger-flipping job as your “real job”. That isn’t your REAL job,. Your REAL job is whatever craft you are dedicating yourself to, be it writing, music, film, art, enslaving humanity, you name it, that is your REAL JOB. So consider your soul-crushing burger-flipping job to be your ‘day job’ or your ‘part-time’ job or your ‘for now job’, but stop referring to it as your REAL job. Because it’s not.

Give yourself reminders if you must. Leave yourself notes, or a note on a post-it stuck to your mirror, or the fridge. Whatever it takes. A daily affirmation isn’t always a bad thing.

Just remember:

I AM A [whatever your craft is]. I work my day job FOR NOW, to pay my bills until the day that my craft will do that FOR ME. IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT’S MEANT TO.

Believe me, you’ll thank yourself for this on the days where everything seems bleak and sucky.

And all you have to do is stop using the word “aspiring.”

Kai Kiriyama is a freelance writer and a monthly contributor to Zombie Training Magazine ( She has several novels on the go awaiting publication and is working on writing scripts for film and television.

Kai lives in the frozen North known as Canada with her laptop and her pet snake Rhaegar for company.

You can contact Kai through one of the following methods:

Twitter: @thekiriyamaheir


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  • Mark Horejsi

    It took a real shift in my thinking, but I made this jump earlier this year. It was accompanied by a slow but radical increase in the amount of time I'm committing to the craft. I think its something any aspiring creator must realize. Great post!

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