(Late) Monday: On Status

Status isn’t something that you usually see in writing, but it exists in every other aspect of character creation. Status is extremely important as an actor or performer. When you’re learning to act (especially in improv) status is one of the first things that you learn. 

Status is pretty easily broken down as thus: status is the natural ‘pecking order’ that occurs in daily life between one or more people. 

You have high status and low status. For example, you might be high status to your little brother, but as soon as your mom comes in to the room, you are low status next to her.

There are lots of physical tells that indicate status, as well as verbal ones. I will explore those in a later blog. For now, though, one thing to keep in mind is who is higher status than whom, who is the boss, and who is the master of their own little world? 

It takes a  bit of practice, but once you get the hang of putting characters into their correct status, your characters will take on an added depth.


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