End of the World: Boondock Saints 3 Speculative Deleted Scene — “Conjugal Visit”

Well, the world didn’t end, so as promised. Here is my “Conjugal Visit” scene from my Boondock Saints 3 speculative script. For those of you unaware, “Spec script” means that I basically just wrote a more technical fan fiction for my favorite movie series and have put the finished project into my portfolio for when I start handing out my CV and applying for jobs in the film and television industry. I write a lot and this was honestly a labour of love more than anything else. It definitely brought closure to my relationship with the Boondock Saints. And made me love the story even more.  

Anyway, I do hope that nothing actually happens in the next 24 hours… that would suck. 

Kai Kiriyama

SC. 8(a)


Connor and Murphy sit quietly on their respective beds in their cell. A GUARD knocks against the BARS of their cell. Connor and Murphy look up at the guard, SLOWLY.


You boys have visitors.


No press.

GUARD: (snorts in contempt)

It’s not press. Move it.

Connor and Murphy exchange CONFUSED looks. They stand in UNISON and move towards the CELL DOOR. The door OPENS and the guard HANDCUFFS the brothers. Additional GUARDS appear and fall in to FLANK the brothers as they are led down the hall.


Who d’you suppose it is?


Your guess is as good as mine.


What if it’s Ma’?

CONNOR: (a beat)

God have mercy on us if it is.

Connor and Murphy are led to the VISITOR ROOM. It is empty of all other PRISONERS. A solitary GUARD stands at the DOOR on the opposite side of the room from where the brothers entered. Connor and Murphy HESITANTLY take SEATS at the TABLE in the MIDDLE of the room. The GUARDS who escorted the brothers in leave.

Murphy TURNS to watch the guards LEAVE, suddenly very NERVOUS.


We’re gonna die.


We’re not gonna die.


There’s no guards in here.

There’s no one else at all.

And look.

Murphy POINTS out the CAMERAS on the walls. All of them are DEACTIVATED.

MURPHY: (cont’d)

All the cameras are turned off.

CONNOR: (dryly)

Maybe it’s a conjugal visit?

Murphy gives Connor a look of DISGUST.

A KNOCK sounds on the DOOR where the remaining GUARD STANDS. He opens the door.

Detectives DOLLY and DUFFY enter the room. DUFFY speaks quietly with the GUARD. DOLLY simply STARES at the BROTHERS.


Told ya’. Conjugal. We’re

gonna get fucked either way.

DUFFY finishes his conversation with the GUARD and the guard LEAVES. The two detectives stand over the BROTHERS, looking MENACING. Connor and Murphy stare UP at the detectives, INNOCNETLY. A TENSE moment passes.


God, it’s good to finally see

a friendly face.


Yeah, about that, we’ve got bad news.

Dolly and Duffy sit down across from the MacManus Brothers.

DOLLY: (cont’d)

This isn’t a social call.


Aren’t you gonna get

in trouble for this?


Actually, we’re here to get

your story about Greenly’s death.


Why? You were there.


We didn’t see the shooter.


The Chief wants you to confess.


It wasn’t us, so that’s

not gonna happen.


We’re not “cop killers”.

We’re not letting you pin

that shit on us, too.


We know that, but our bosses

don’t. The public wants



How much fuckin’ closure do they

need? The shooter’s body was right



It’s a little messier than that.


Bullshit! Why don’t you just

tell everyone that Greenly was helpin’

us? That’ll clear a few things right up,

and it’s not like they can fire him now!


We’ve considered it, believe me.


We’re not takin’ the fall

for Greenly’s death, so you’ve

wasted a trip.

DOLLY: (hesitantly)

You know we don’t agree with

this, right? It’s just a cover?


No shit, Sherlock.


Haven’t you learned anything yet?

Connor and Murphy LAUGH at the Detectives’ expense.

DOLLY: (relieved)

You bastards are gonna give

me a heart attack.


How are you two holding up?

MURPHY: (shrugs)

Roof over out heads, three squares

a day, we’re pretty much left in our

cell all day ’cause every time we go

out, a riot breaks out.


We’re very social, made loads

of friends in the year since we’ve

been in here. We’re pretty popular.


What’re you gonna do?


Wait it out. We’re model

prisoners. We only fight back

in self defence.

DOLLY: (mutters)



You know they’re sending

in a shrink?


‘Bout time.


You want a psych evaluation?


Why not? S’not like we need

to prove we’re not insane. Everyone’s

already made that judgement call

for themselves.

CONNOR: (a beat)

You’re the first visitors we’ve

had. No press, no lawyers, nothin’.

We’re totally alone here.


And we’re still not “cop killers”.

The DOOR opens then, and the GUARD returns. Duffy and Dolly STAND slowly and follow the guard, leaving. Murphy halfheartedly WAVES goodbye as the DOOR slams shut.


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