Weekend Update: Hey! Troy Duffy! Boondock Saints TV series pitches.

So we’re looking at a TV show and not a third movie now? Okay. As a die hard fan, I can deal with that. I mean, I wrote a spec for the third movie already, but a TV show could be fun, too. I guess.

We have rumors (already) that Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus aren’t going to be involved with the television show? Hmm, well, that certainly puts a damper on my excitement, but I figure there’s ways that we can work around that, right? Of course there is.

My biggest concern with a television series would be that while 2 hours of MacManus fueled shenanigans and repetitive jokes and mob murders (AND ROPE) works brilliantly for a film, we would need to see a more complex story set up to maintain the integrity of the show itself, and to keep the viewer’s interest. (Especially if we aren’t being treated to the original MacManus brothers performing said shenanigans.)

So here’s my three pitches for what I would like to see in a Boondock Saints TV show.


1. “Boondock Saints: Sins of the Father” 

Set in the gritty, gang-run streets of Boston while Noah MacManus is a young man, he begins the entire journey that would mark his sons in the future.

After seeing the only person to have given him a chance murdered brutally by Italian mobsters in his own shop, Noah MacManus takes to the streets with a lust for justice. With his best friend by his side, they begin killing mobsters. They keep the leather upholstery shop as a front, working by day to fund their nightly quest for vengeance. They soon discard their own identities, becoming Il Duce and the Roman, feared guns with a penchant for clipping wiseguys.

Throughout the show, we can watch Noah become the famed Il Duce, taking hits for the Yakavetta family and being generally feared. On the flip side of that coin, we would see his home life, how he meets his wife, how he courts her, his wedding and in the final season, we can see the ultimate betrayal unfold before us that ends with Il Duce’s imprisonment. 

2. “Boondock Saints: Eight Years”

Set perfectly nestled between the first and second film, the MacManus brothers, along with their father, aren’t going to stop their holy mission because a few cops and a public execution.

New town. New Rules. Same old Saints.

Hiding out in Boston after the public execution of Papa Joe Yakavetta is now out of the question, so the Saints hightail it out of there, planning to live a quiet existence in a new town, working a new job, and just generally not being the Saints anymore. OF course, it’s never as easy as they want it to be, when a new threat emerges and trigger fingers start to itch, the Saints spring back into action.

Here’s where things can get really interesting: You get a whole new cast of characters. Connor and Murphy are in hiding, sort of. But just because they’re wanted criminals, doesn’t mean that they can stop their work. They’ve lost Rocco, their best friend, time to bring in some new ones. The series could end with their flight to Ireland when things spiral even more out of control and their new allies are dying left and right and they become desperate to escape.

3. “Boondock Saints: New Blood”

The infamous Saints of South Boston have gone quietly into the night. But evil men still roam the streets, and God’s work is left unfinished.

Who is left to take up the mantle?

Again, a slough of new characters can be introduced here, bring on two new Saints. Angered by the injustice of a broken system and tapped to be the new “chosen ones” the new Saints can pick up where the MacManus brothers left off. The Yakavetta family is no longer in control. A gaping hole is left int he criminal underworld and mobsters are just clambering to fill it. Chaos reigns until someone rises to take control. When innocent bodies start piling up, the new Saints can stay silent no more. It’s not enough to just take out the mobsters anymore, they need to play it smart, work on other angles and other ways to bring about the fall of the mobster regime.

This could be interesting, especially if you could bring in Duffy and Dolly and really get the feel of the original Saints in with the new characters.


I have probably spent far too much time thinking about this, and I’m strangely comfortable with it. 


-Kai Kiriyama



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