Clawing my way back into the “Real World”

Wow, I really suck.

Like seriously. It’s been 2 weeks since I have sat down to write a blog post. And that’s including the “free fiction Friday” that I’ve been neglecting.

It hasn’t been for lack of anything to say, either. I can find things to ramble and rant about until the cows come home. No, my problem is that I have been focusing my energies on writing an actual book for the past 2 weeks. I finished it yesterday and am in the first round of editing as we speak. It’s the zombie novel I’ve been rambling about on Twitter for the past 2 weeks. Well, one of them, anyway.

I had given myself a deadline of finishing this novel by February 10th because I  have a lot of other obligations that I need to fulfill, all with very specific due dates, and this was the first on the to-do list. Even though I didn’t want to write it, currently, I pushed my way through, wrote the first draft by hand and am editing that draft now.

I let all my other obligations kind of slide in the past 2 weeks and for that, I apologize.

But I’m back (mostly) and I’ll return to my regular update schedule as best as I can while I meet the next obligations on my list.

Thanks for hanging out.


About kaikiriyama

I'm a writer. I write everything from shorts, to novels to screenplays and then some. I like comic books, ponies, zombies, pokemon, monsters, demons, vampires and mythology. I walk a fine line between badass, scary and girly. View all posts by kaikiriyama

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