Free Fiction Friday: Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Dead Fish

Hello! Welcome to another Free Fiction Friday! In honour of the publication of my debut novel, “Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon,” I have written you a little random short starring Blaze himself. This story takes place waaaay back when Blaze was just starting out as a PI and has nothing to do with anything, really.

Remember: Knight Surgeon comes out on Tuesday, March 19, 2013!

Thanks for reading!

-Kai <3

Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Dead Fish

I was blinded.

My ears were ringing louder than the church bells on a Sunday morning.

I stumbled, groping in the dark for something to help me keep my balance.

I sure as hell didn’t wanna hit the ground. I didn’t know who was behind me, if anyone was.

Damn my stubborn refusal to take Jackson up on his offer of back-up. The one time I was convinced of my own superiority, and I end up blind and deaf like a mewling kitten. Damn my recklessness.

I’d ended up on the docks, a tip had turned out to be good and I was ready to bust a drug smuggler as he got off the boat and made his delivery. Morphine was a hot commodity these days. More and more surgeries were goin’ wonky and more and more people needed something to take the edge off. Vicodin was right up there, too. Illegal supplies were flooding the streets. Entire shipments were going missing and even the hospitals were starting to feel the pinch. Everyone was on the lookout for anyone who had more painkillers than what was reasonable.

I just happened to find the place first.

A boat, of all the places. I guess I had to give it them for creativity, I’d never arrested anyone livin’ on a boat before. The crazy part was that it wasn’t a luxury yacht. It was a damned fishing trawler.  They’d seen me coming. They decided that it was better to mess me up than to try to get away.

They blew up the damn boat.

The flash of light was intense, I’d never seen anything so bright in my life. The afterimage was gonna be stuck behind my eyelids for days. The rusty metal trawler being torn apart in a flash of light and heat, the shout of surprise that had left my lips, the force that threw me back and winded me as I hit the docks; I was gonna be reliving these things in therapy for weeks.

I groaned softly to myself. Therapy wasn’t a word I cared to throw around lightly.

I stopped my blind staggering and listened. It was almost impossible to hear anything over the high pitched whining in my ears, and the thumping of my heart. The adrenaline was pumping and my heart rate was through the roof. I’d have worried about a coronary, but this was why I kept up the cardio training.

Something was nearby, I was sure of it.

“Stay back!” I shouted. “I’m armed!”

The footsteps didn’t entirely register until it was too late.

I felt the cold press of metal against the base of my skull and I slowly raised my hands.

“Hello, Detective Tuesday,” the voice slithered through the metallic whining in my ears and gripped me. It was cold, callous and definitely not a voice you wanted to hear whispering to you in the dark. “I think you’re gonna come take a walk with me, unless you had your heart set on feeding the fish tonight?”

I gulped and sighed in defeat.

“Naw,” I replied boldly. “I’ll chin with ya’ for a while. Lead the way.”

Whoever it was behind me laughed and moved the barrel of the gun down my back. “Start walking.”

Blindly, I shuffled forward while the gun pressed into my kidney and I hoped that Jackson would realize that something had gone sideways before it was too late.


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