Writer Wednesday: Engaging your Audience

Sorry, I know I’m a day late with this “Wednesday” blog. It tends to happen that I get remarkably busy on Wednesdays and blogging goes by the wayside.

So in spirit of the theme, I’m keeping this short and to the point.

Engage your audience.

So many people forget this, especially as artists of any kind.

It’s fine and dandy to put your work out there for the world, but in today’s fast-paced, multi-media world, how do you stand above the crowd? It’s not easy. You have to brand yourself, market yourself, work almost ’round the clock to carve away the the stone of the social media machines until your voice finally rises from the crowd and people start to notice you.

Am I there yet?

Not particularly. I have a few friends and a decent following on Twitter and stuff, but most of those people I don’t know. I don’t talk to, and they don’t talk to me. It’s saddening and troubling, especially when I”m sitting here with a book on the cusp of release.

Find a way to engage your audience from day 1.

Talk to people. Interact. Engage. Don’t just sit there and yammer into the void. No one wants to hear insane ramblings. We pass the crazy guy on the street with the “Doomsday is upon us” sign without a second thought. He is essentially yammering into the void.

Be polite.

Be clever.

Be interesting.

Be respectful.

Don’t be a dick. (Wheaton’s Law.)

Tell your story, but always remember that the people who are gonna propel that story are the ones int he audience. Engage them. They are the ones whose interest you need to maintain.


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I'm a writer. I write everything from shorts, to novels to screenplays and then some. I like comic books, ponies, zombies, pokemon, monsters, demons, vampires and mythology. I walk a fine line between badass, scary and girly. View all posts by kaikiriyama

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