Monster Creator Monday: Mary’s Tears blog tour


Welcome back dear readers! And an especially warm welcome to newcomers!

I am thrilled to be hosting this installment of the Mary’s Tears Blog Tour.

I was approached by the lovely Madame Writer of Wrongs (find her blog here!) and asked if I would be interested in hosting a stop on this blog tour. I said absolutely! I’m all about sharing the Indie Author Love. (We have a hashtag on twitter, #IndieAuthorLove if you want to get in on this!) I read the book and have a review and a hello from the author, Aryea Hunt for all of you lovely people.

Before I give my review, I have to admit that this book isn’t my typical fare. I’m usually all about the fantastic, the magic, the adventure and I don’t go in for anything that is specifically romance. Still, I found this book to be more than I expected, and I hope that my review reflects that. So, here we go:


Mary’s Tears is a diamond in the rough. In the world of self and indie publishing it’s hard to find a book that can capture your attention and enrapture you, immersing you completely in the story. Mary’s Tears is one of those books.

A contemporary, Canadian literature, adult fiction piece with just enough romance, Mary’s Tears has a broad enough appeal that even fans of Young Adult and New Adult books will be thoroughly pleased by the story.

We follow a young woman named Mary who returns home to Newfoundland after twenty years away. She is an outcast, exiled because of something evil that she had done and forced to return to her childhood home.

The story is a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss and finding yourself when you’ve been through so much pain and suffering that you think all hope is gone. We follow Mary as she rediscovers herself and finds forgiveness for the wrongs she had committed in the past.

A really great read that had me by the heartstrings.

I give it 3.5/5


Also, as promised, I have a little message and introduction from Aryea herself for all of you lovely readers.

Hello Kai,

Thanks so much for hosting the tour, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of Mary’s Tears.

I believe that the main audience for my book is adults, as it does have some mature language and scenes, however, I would also consider a direction towards some older teenagers, as it may offer a field of direction towards their own feelings, as parts of it deal with depression and self-esteem. I feel that this book should be shared as it has the possibility  of touching hearts and minds of many wonderful people, if given the chance.

I wrote this book after my mother died. Ours was not a close relationship and there were things in my past, some of which are reflected in this book, that prevented me from having the closeness with my family that I so desired. While the story of Mary is fiction, some of the memories and feelings of her childhood are also mine, and may also be those of anyone growing up in Newfoundland.

While I initially wrote this for myself and for all the things I had been unable to express about my family, I did allow my family to read it and they were beyond touched by the experience. While I understand that family can be biased, you must understand… my family is not.

Mary’s tears has seen me through many changes. It took me over a year to write it, and it consumed my free time. The book wanted to be written, needed to be, and I was its tool to do so. It took me several more years to rewrite until ‘the book’ was satisfied; simply because there was still more story to tell.

I hope that you will take a chance and read it, because, while a great story, I also believe that it reflects the best parts about Newfoundland, and the best of its people.

There you have it!

Mary’s Tears by Areya Hunt.

The book is on sale this week only! (March 10-17, 2013) You can buy it here.

And if you want to catch up with Areya, you can find her on twitter @AryeaHunt and you can find her blog here

That’s it for me, lovelies!

Have you read Mary’s Tears? Are you gonna? Lemme know in the comments! And I will see YOU on Wednesday.


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