Irregular Post: NaNoWriMo and the fastest novel

So Camp NaNoWriMo starts in April. About 2 weeks from now, writers the world over will be frantically scribbling words and drafting novels.

I personally love the concept of NaNoWriMo. Blaze Tuesday started out as a NaNo novel, and look at where that ended up. Actually, Pathogen: Patient Zero also started life as a NaNo novel.

I know from experience that the editing process on a NaNoWriMo novel can be twice as long as a regular work because of the frantic pace. But, I love the frantic energy of NaNo anyway. It gives me something to work towards. A concrete number of words every day. A goal that I can track and a sense of urgency. Not to mention the mild frantic pull of competition.

Yes, I imagine that NaNo is somehow competitive, even though I don’t compete with anyone directly. I dunno, it always seems like a contest to me.

Anyway, despite everything that has happened to me, I’m still (likely) going to participate int he NaNo events this year.


Consistency, mostly.

I’ve been doing NaNo for 4 years, so it seems unnatural NOT to participate.

But it’s also the sense of community that I get from it. The sense of participation.

And heck, two of my soon-to-be published works started life during NaNoWriMo and Camp. So why not?

And if you’re wanting to write but not sure where to start? Can I suggest doing your first draft during a NaNo event? You might surprise yourself.


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One response to “Irregular Post: NaNoWriMo and the fastest novel

  • meganpaasch

    This is true! It’s a great way to just get the words down and work towards a goal. I had the best experience with my first NaNo this last November, and plan to participate in April as well!

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