Irregular Update: Pathogen: Patient Zero Call for Blog Tour Hosts

Hey everyone!

So as I announced earlier, my book, Pathogen: Patient Zero is being released by Lemorn Literary Works on May 1, 2013. (HOLY CRAP, 10 DAYS!)

I’m currently trying to put together a blog tour, so I’m looking for some brave souls to host me and my insanity. And maybe some pre-zombie mayhem.

The dates for the tour are tentatively April 25 through May 5, (subject to change upon availability of ARCS and stuff, but I think this is it) so there’s a whole 10 days  of insanity to get in on!

Here’s the info you need to consider:

What is the application process for becoming a Pathogen: Patient Zero  blog tour host?

That’s pretty simple.

1. Have a blog.
2. Tell me that you want in, what day you want to host, and what kind of content you want to host.

That’s IT!

What options are there for host content on the Pathogen: Patient Zero blog tour?

Your content options as a host consist of the following:

  • Book review
  • Author interview
  • Author guest post on YOUR blog (with subject matter of your choice)

As a host on the blog tour, you can pick any combination of the above options for the day that you host the tour. If you are choosing to do a review of Pathogen: Patient Zero, please email me at to get an ARC for review. (*Please note that this is an ebook only, all ARCS will be in digital format.)

What requirements must the host blog offer on their host days?

Aside from the chosen content, all I ask is a couple of links. A link back to my site, a link to my publisher’s site and a link to where your readers can purchase this book (after May 1) is all that I’m asking you ensure that you have somewhere in the blog.

Someone else has picked the date I wanted, what do I do?

The dates are first come, first served. One stop per day. Pick another date, please.

That’s pretty much it!

I really hope that you’ll join me on this insanity. Thank you SO much for letting me do this! I love you all!

Leave a comment letting me know if you’re interested, shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter. Let’s get this party started!!

EDIT: Also, I’m gonna put together a giveaway at the end of the blog tour, dunno what the prizes are gonna be yet though! Stay tuned. (I’m also gonna try to get a blog tour host prize pack contest, too! Stay tuned for that, as well!)


Thursday, April 25: Filled
Friday, April 26: Filled
Saturday, April 27: Filled
Sunday, April 28: Filled
Monday, April 29: Filled
Tuesday, April 30: Filled
Wednesday, May 1: Book release Day! Filled
Thursday, May 2: Filled
Friday, May 3: Open
Saturday, May 4: Book release party on google+/youtube!: Filled
Sunday, May 5: Final Day! Filled


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