Book Review two-for: FEED and DEADLINE


As most of you know, if you’ve been reading long enough, I work for Zombie Training magazine. If you didn’t know that, well, now you do, and you can find us here. I’m a rather prolific member of the Entertainment Team there, which means that I’m paid to read, write, watch and ingest anything to do with zombies and then review it for our readers before passing my articles along to the editors and publishing team.

It’s really funny, then, that I should have fallen in love with the NEWSFLESH TRILOGY as hard as I did. Possibly ironic, as I hadn’t picked up FEED until after I had signed on with Zombie Training and I was really wanting to prove my worth.

These are not your typical zombie novels, and that’s what I really loved about them right off the bat. I didn’t particularly want to read a retelling of Dawn of the Dead or something, so I was doubly surprised to discover that the series is basically a mystery wrapped in investigative journalism with zombies.

If you’re looking for the opposite, if all you want is a zombie-killing-murder-spree, I suggest that you go pick up THE WALKING DEAD or something because that’s not what you’ll find within the NEWSFLESH TRILOGY.

What you will find within these books are lovable characters who live in a digital world. The parallels to our current lifestyle in this digital age are obviously intentional, and the book weaves a believable post-apocalyptic world where we weren’t completely wiped out. If I may be completely honest, this is the kind of zombie apocalypse I believe in. I don’t buy into the whole 90% of the population became zombies kind of scenario that movies like Dawn of the Dead or Walking Dead offer us. It’s illogical if you know anything about viruses and how they’re spread. So when I was offered this new scenario in FEED I was all too happy to keep reading.

I think the best thing about these books is that the zombie apocalypse starts in 2014 when two man made diseases (one to cure cancer, the other, to cure the flu) combine and mutate. It’s so close that you could almost believe that this is a thing. I can’t believe the conspiracy nuts aren’t already all over the possibility of something like this happening.

Anyway, let me just say that I absolutely love Seanan McGuire aka Mira Grant. I’m completely in love with the characters, the stories, the world, the everything. I have shed tears for these characters and cheered their victories and screamed at their losses. I almost quit reading the series because I was so mad. But no, this is definitely a series you MUST FINISH.

Georgia Mason is my hero now. Truly. And I sincerely aspire to become like her, except perhaps not a Newsie. I lean more towards the Fictional side of things, with practical blogs full of stuff. And things.

Okay, on to the reviews.



A non-typical zombie book? You had me at hello.

This book follows three bloggers in the middle of the zombie apocalypse who have just gotten themselves the story of the century. They get to follow a presidential campaign and report it on their blog site.

Meet Shaun and Georgia Mason. Twin siblings who grew up in the world after the zombies. They learned how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world (although, I dunno if you can truly call it as such since there’s still modern technology. This isn’t some two-thirds of the planet was completely wiped out and now we’re all starving like int he WALKING DEAD comics kind of apocalypse.) They grew up with famous parents and they have become bloggers. They report the news, they tell stories, fictional works too, and Shaun pokes at dead things with sticks to see what makes ’em tick.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a conspiracy and a mystery in the middle of the presidential campaign and I was cheering Georgia along, desperate for her to win.

I was so mad at the end of this book, it was a good thing that the second in the series was already published by the time I read this one. It was impossible to put down and I devoured it. I loved all the characters in this book. Mira Grant writes so believably that I found myself checking to make sure that the sleeping guy on the bus wasn’t amplifying.

I don’t know what I can say that won’t ruin the conspiracy for you, but believe me when I say that you need to rise up and go and buy this book.

Full out 5/5 stars. I’m gonna go read this again.



Book 2 of the NEWSFLESH TRILOGY starts out about a year after the events of the first book. Have you read it? No? Go on, I’ll wait.

You came back? Are you as pissed off as I was? Didn’t you love it though?!

Anyway, things haven’t really settled down for Shaun. He’s still struggling with the aftermath of the Ryman Campaign, although his news site — After the End Times — (my GOD do I ever giggle every time I read that!) is doing well. HE’s still coping but he’s retired from field work.

Too bad retirement doesn’t last.

A new conspiracy, well, more like a continuing one, comes to light and this time it’s involving reservoir conditions of KA and a new potential outbreak.

We get a  slough of new characters and a whole new ballgame that seriously ramps up the action from the first book.

New clues are dropped into our laps and if you can follow along faster than Shaun you can figure out what’s happening and jump for joy when you were right… and then realise that the whole planet is getting screwed.

I had to pick up my jaw a few times during this book, I didn’t think that the assumptions I was drawing from the clues could POSSIBLY be correct, and yet, here I am, still reeling from the whirlwind that was DEADLINE.

I’m so thankful that there is a third book in this series, I will DEFINITELY be grabbing that one in the near future.

Again, I am giving this book 5/5 stars.

And I’m going to go and make myself a better blogger now, too.


So? Have you read the NEWSFLESH TRILOGY yet? What did you think? Are zombies possible? Leave me a comment and let’s have a discussion.



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