Book Review: Discount Armageddon

I picked up DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON and literally went “oooh, intriguing urban fantasy.” Yes, there’s lots of it out there Yes, there’s lots of female protagonists. I can probably name at least three without thinking.

I’ve never gotten into any of the other urban fantasy series out there. I tried to like Sookie. And I tried twice as hard to like Anita Blake. Neither of these series got my motor running.

I grew up watching Buffy okay? I wanted to be Willow for the longest time — I had no desire to be the Slayer — and recently I’ve noticed that I’m turning into the Giles of my group of friends. This was a huge part of my teenage years and I’m not ashamed to admit it. So when Buffy went off the air, followed later by Angel, I was pretty devastated. I tried to fill the empty place in my heart with other similar shows, but nothing ever really did it. Oh, sure Supernatural works for a while, but there’s really no likable (IN MY OPINION) female protagonists in most urban fantasy that parallels the way Buffy was presented.

Note: Before I go on, I shy away from most urban fantasy. I’m sure there’s lots of books that you can recommend and I’ll probably go pick them up but so far, at least until I read DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON I have never found anything to sate my need for a clever, well-written, female protagonist.

Enter Verity Price.

She grew up learning about all sorts of things that go bump in the night. Her family is the PREMIERE monster hunting family in existence. Too bad that they’re supposedly all dead.

So Verity does her work in secret.

Meanwhile, she wants to be a professional ballroom dancer.

It doesn’t quite work out, considering that she has to hide her identity on National TV and still find the time to make sure that the monsters aren’t being needlessly killed, all the while working to pay rent and buy food and compete.

Did I mention that she protects sentient Cryptids?

In DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON it turns out that there’s something big and bad lurking under Manhattan. And someone is trying to wake it up. It’s Verity’s job to stop them.

Although, it can never be that easy, can it?

Bring in a handsome, smart agent for the organization that want the Price family wiped out completely, and who believes that the only good Cryptid is a dead Cryptid and you’ve got a whole other ballgame happening on the side.

This is one of those rare urban fantasy books that is action-packed and wonderfully descriptive without being bogged down by the description. The world of Verity Price is vibrant in the dark.

Verity herself is a smart-as-a-whip monster hunter who has an axe to grind and really just wants to be normal. (Remind you of anyone? No not me.)

This book is sharp, clever, and witty. The dialogue is phenomenal and I LOVE the Aeslin Mice. (Go read it because seriously, I’m not explaining that to you.) I highly suggest going out and picking up as many of Seanan McGuire’s books as you can find because her writing is consistently smart and her characters are sensational.

5/5 machetes to this book.



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