Holy Crap I’m Writing YA: Part 5

So I hit a kind of writer’s block.

And it was worse than any other one I have ever encountered. It was both a lack of imagery in my head and a lack of interest, combined with an inability to get out of the rut that this wild foray into a vast wilderness of things that I’m not familiar with has been.

I’m  out of the rut now.

And you wanna know how I did it?

I switched up my mediums.

That’s right! I pulled out a notebook and started writing the chapter that was giving me trouble in it. And I’m FINALLY FINISHED THAT CHAPTER. (Okay, so I have a few more lines to write but my wrist really hurts and I needed a break from the pen and notebook so I thought I would come and blog for you.)

This is a trick that I use a lot more often than I admit to. Whenever I feel stuck, I grab a binder or notepad and write by hand instead of on my computer, and vice versa. I find though, that I get a lot less “stuck” when I’m writing completely in a notebook. However, I lose a lot of the speed that I get when I’m typing.

(And my handwriting gets REALLY messy after a while.)

I have no idea why this is. Handwriting takes a lot longer. I mean A LOT LONGER. I wrote a 50,000 word novel during one of the NaNoWriMo events one year and then transcribed the whole thing — all within a month — but it still took me a heckuva lot longer to finish that novel than it did for me to type up the next one.

I’m notorious for pumping out 20,000 words in a day (usually takes me 6-8 hours, to be honest) and it’s hard to do on the computer. 20,000 words by hand is almost impossible. I mean, the hand cramps alone would be murder!

Still, when I’m facing a huge wall of writer’s block, this is my best trick by far.

And so far, I don’t really hate this chapter either.

What kind of tricks do you employ to beat writer’s block? What sort of situations GIVE you writer’s block?


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