Holy Crap I’m Writing YA: Part 6

Shit, I lost count. This is supposed to be part 6 right?

Whatever, it’s part six if I say it is. I might have to make a part 5 if I missed it but whatever. Don’t care.

Anyway, I’m losing steam. Well, I didn’t really have steam with this YA thing to start with so I don’t know how I can be losing MORE steam than the pretend stuff… you know? Whatever. The point is that I’m staring at the homestretch. I know exactly how this book is supposed to end (there’s a big ass fight scene coming up… and possibly some zombies) and I can just reach it…

But then I realised that there’s a few major plot points I need to go back and double check and also possibly add/make clearer… whatever.

I’ve also been editing as I go which  I KNOW is a no-no and is a bad thing but like I was saying before, I’m a week behind in my personal schedule and I’m in a place where it’s getting very hard to cram an extra week’s worth of stuff into my current availability. So I’ve been editing as I go. I read what I wrote, fix typos, add things, and generally refresh my memory on what’s happened int he story. It makes life a lot easier when I catch the mistakes before the editing process. And I feel less stupid.

Anyway, so I’m losing steam. I love this sandbox that we’ve created with this world. The possibilities are literally endless. I don’t think that I will be able to write as many stories as I want to within this world. Or, if I did, it would become an all-consuming thing and I’d be stuck there with no chance of escape…

Okay, so why can’t I just push myself over this last little hurdle and get to the end? I literally have about 20,000 words left to write to be at the word count goal and that will put me nicely at the end of the story.

And yet I can’t seem to crawl over this last hurdle and make the words work.

I need this finished yesterday, but it isn’t and it won’t be.

God, I need more coffee.

Question of the day: when do you feel that you hit that hurdle that seems insurmountable? How do you overcome it? And what’s a good YA conflict that isn’t too trope-tastic that always ups the ante?


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