Holy Crap I’m Writing YA Part 7

I hate everything.

My last post was me whining about how I can’t seem to get over this hurdle I”ve put in front of myself to end this damn book.

Well today I pretty much hate everything.

And everyone.

And YA in general.

My characters are annoying me (even though like two days ago I was in love with them.) This plot is sticky (and not in a good way.) Words are stupid and I hate them.

Today is another day where I just wanna quit this.

BUT! I know that I can’t because if I leave it unfinished right now, I will not be coming back.

I’ve never had a problem pumping out the final 20,000 words to get a book done. Never. Well, once, but that was with The Book That Nearly Made Me Stop Writing. Totally different reasons for that. Anyway, I don’t know why this is confounding me so much!!

I have music. I have junk food. I have caffeine. I have a tangible prize that I bought myself SPECIFICALLY for when I’m finished writing this book. (It’s a $25 gift card to put more books on my eReader because that is what I use to reward myself. Books.) I also have beta readers chomping at the bit to get to this project. (2 waiting in the wings so that I can enter it in a contest, and I think 3 or 4 more for after, when I don’t win because I never win contests.*) I also have another project that is percolating and just waiting for me to start it — BEGGING TO BE WRITTEN.

I’m very frustrated.

Okay, enough rambling. These teenagers won’t come of age by themselves. (Or whatever the hell it is that I have them doing right now.)

What’s the worst part for you when you’re trying to end a project?

*Now that I’ve said that I’ll get it picked up in the contest won’t I?


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