*headdesk* Nanowrimo is over. (THANK GOD)

So I checked. The totals I have written from my YA book and what I managed to get down for the “official” Camp NaNo project totaled over 50k (which was my goal this month) and so I’ve validated and won.


Something about the official book I was writing just isn’t clicking with me this month and so, contrary to my nature, it’s gonna sit half finished as I move on to the next thing I have scheduled.

And while I’m personally NOT okay with this, I’m tired of bashing my head against the desk until I pass out from the concussion (yes, this is a metaphor, or something, and is not to be taken literally, although today I’m sorely tempted to…) Normally I am a stick-to-my-schedule kind of person. And my schedule (written on my whiteboard of death) is quite insane and probably not reasonable. However, I’m not feeling this book, I’m currently blaming the fact that I lost 10 days writing that YA novel at the beginning of the month and couldn’t make up for that and the fact that my notes are sub-standard and VERY lackluster and I’ve done this to myself.

I know that the book I was supposed to write this month is probably gonna sit unfinished for a long damn time, if not forever. I know this about me, and that’s why I was so damn determined to get it finished.

Whatever. I have a bunch of other projects waiting for me and some awesome things that are needing outlines written down so it’s not a big deal. I’ll get over it.

I have no questions that are supposed to start conversations over this one. I’m too busy beating myself up for not finishing the project (and no, there’s no way I will get it finished in 3 days. Maybe I’ll come back to it in December?)

Okay… I’m gonna go berate myself and hang out on twitter for a bit.


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