Thoughts on S.H.I.E.L.D.

This week saw the premiere of Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in what was likely one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall. I know I’ve been excited for it. So here’s a SPOILER FREE breakdown of what I’m thinking about it.

First off, it was a pilot. I know it’s a make or break thing, usually. I usually give a show 3 episodes to decide if I like it or not. By episode 3, we should have a good feel for the story and the characters should start developing by then into something that we can like and/or relate to. Especially in an ensemble sort of show.

And here’s the big thing: the characters in Agents of SHIELD were brand new. Only Coulson had any background. We were all there to see Coulson live again. I have to say that Clark Gregg did and AMAZING job of carrying the whole show by himself. (Because face it, nerds, he did.) The rest of the characters were simply introduced. We should start to get a feel for these other characters soon. I hope. Because for me, I didn’t like most of them off the hop.

Fitz-Simmons are my favourites. (One character is named Fits, the other, Simmons. You can’t really have one without the other, hence, Fitz-Simmons.) Followed by Coulson. Everyone else (currently) I can do without. HOWEVER, I see shades of Simon Tam in Agent Ward, bits of Buffy mixed with Zoe in Melinda Mae. I see that these characters have potential, and I really hope that they grow on me as the show progresses because I have a feeling that Fitz-Simmons aren’t gonna be major players as the show progresses. I also really hope that Ron Glass gets to be a recurring character because dammit, I was happy to see him.

Now, the plot… the plot has yet to be fully revealed. SHIELD wants mutants. They wanna recruit them. This was something set up in Avengers so it’s not much of a surprise. But there’s SOMETHING ELSE going on and we don’t know what. It’s exciting.

The pilot has the same pacing as Angel did. Which is excellent. The plot isn’t fully revealed and there’s some awesome things happening that we don’t know about yet. Yay!

And remember, Joss Whedon’s STRENGTH is ensemble shows. The original Buffy movie wasn’t as good as the show (although, I really still love it, and I still quote it all the time!) because he didn’t have a full cast, really. Joss plays well with bigger groups and I think that the dynamics between Coulson’s team is going to make or break the show.

I definitely recommend it and I’ll be sticking around for at least 3 episodes.


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