Just Like Every Cowboy Sings a Sad, Sad Song…

I’m in a bad mood. Have been for a while.

Getting 2 rejection letters in less than a week doesn’t help. (I’m at 16 for the year since I started querying in case anyone is keeping count.)

This bad mood hasn’t been productive for my writing.

I took a holiday from writing after Camp NaNo. I wore out my writing batteries and have needed to recharge. In the meantime, I did some querying. At the end of it, I wrote some spec scripts to slowly inch my way back into writing all the time, wrote 3 short stories that were submitted to anthologies (one of them was rejected, so I’ll probably put it up here eventually) and a short for a blog thing, (#DarkCarnival is the tag on Twitter) and I planned out 2 other novels and got the basis for another project sorted in my head. I’ve completed almost every single one of my goals for 2013 (aside from the ones that I have no control over, like actually getting an agent to love me and wanting to represent me, and selling that script or book to a publisher.) So I’m ahead of the game, realistically. I have one book to edit and query, but I’ve been focusing my queries on the YA I co-wrote with Cho Shimayuki.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing writing-related stuff, I just haven’t really produced anything new.

I have 2 novels that I started writing. One I set aside because it’s a sequel and the first one isn’t doing anything yet. The second one has been kicking my ass for 2 weeks. I have gotten to chapter 4 (out of the 31 plotted out) and I hit the wall. I don’t have writer’s block, because obviously I can produce other things, it’s just this ONE FREAKING BOOK that has been evading me.

And no, I don’t want to go switch back to the other project. I’m not in the right headspace to write that one.

That is basically the crux of this problem.

I’m in a bad mood. Have been for a while. It’s gotten to the point where it’s blocking me from getting into the right frame of mind to actually write and focus on my long stories.

It’s funny to think then, that all the writing gurus who have throngs of followers lapping up their bullshit say that you should take your negative emotions and turn them into works of art.

It doesn’t always work like that. Believing in that kinda voodoo bullshit is what’s going to make it HARDER for you to write that story.

It really sucks. I feel like I’ve had a limb cut off or something and I really just wanna get back to writing.

Okay, that’s enough self-indulgent crap from me.

I’ll take my emotions and go somewhere else.


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I'm a writer. I write everything from shorts, to novels to screenplays and then some. I like comic books, ponies, zombies, pokemon, monsters, demons, vampires and mythology. I walk a fine line between badass, scary and girly. View all posts by kaikiriyama

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