Query Woes

Well, I’m ready to start querying.

I always get nervous and nauseated and I lose sleep over the process for a few days.

Then I forget about it and get back to work.

It doesn’t get easier. Or maybe it does and I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I dunno.

I’ve got a good pitch, a solid query letter, two separate projects ready to be queried… I’ve done a bunch of research and I have a list ready and I have my dream agent picked out…

It’s almost as much work as writing a bloody novel!

The worst part is that I’m already looking at the rejections I’ve gotten and its’ discouraging. I know I’m not even at a QUARTER of what some people have gotten, but still, it hurts, it’s hard and it’s almost enough to make me wanna pack it in and try something else. (The self-pub siren calls me sometimes, but I ignore her for reasons I’ll explain one day, maybe…)

Anyway, I’m diving back into the querying pool and I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

Wish me luck. I’ll be sure to chronicle my adventures for you all as they happen.


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I'm a writer. I write everything from shorts, to novels to screenplays and then some. I like comic books, ponies, zombies, pokemon, monsters, demons, vampires and mythology. I walk a fine line between badass, scary and girly. View all posts by kaikiriyama

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