I’m pretty sure that I’ve talked about this before, but it seems that it’s worth repeating.

We all suffer burnout. It can be caused by stress, or exhaustion, or a combination of a hundred thousand other things, but it happens.

Usually, for a writer, it culminates in that pesky painted whore known as writer’s block.

God I hate it when I get feeling burned out. It happens to me at least twice a year, usually. I get so tired that even the thought of writing another blog post makes me want to drink myself into pukey oblivion.

And it’s totally normal.

Especially around this time of year. I’ve not recovered from the holidays yet, and if you have, good on you. I mean, sure, I’ve been writing and stuff, but I’m still pretty tired from my handmade Christmas where I wrote a bunch of people stories. (Never again will I do that big of a task. NEVER.)

The thing is that writing a book is taxing. Especially if you do a billion drafts and constant revisions and crap. It’s tiring and it can leave you feeling worn thin. Or like Bilbo said “like not enough butter spread over too much toast.”


This is normal.

When you get feeling like this, allow yourself to feel this way. Take a break from writing and revisions. Seriously. I know that everyone says that you have to write every day, but believe me, forcing yourself to do that every single day forever is the fastest way to feel burned out. Let yourself have time off, let yourself enjoy your other hobbies. Take a vacation from writing, go on a trip, go play that pile of video games that you’ve been neglecting. Build a snowman.

The point is that when you’re feeling burned out, and it happens, you’ll get it eventually, allow yourself to step away from the thing that’s giving you burnout, and take the break GUILT FREE. Relax. It’s okay, you’ll get back on that horse and you’ll whip your words into submission.

You can’t do it if you’re suffering from exhaustion and lack of inspiration, though.  Remember, you need to take care of yourself just as much as you need to take care of those words and those plot bunnies. If it’s a week or a month or three months, whatever it takes, just remember that you are the most important thing in your life and burnout is normal.

Take care of yourself! Xo


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I'm a writer. I write everything from shorts, to novels to screenplays and then some. I like comic books, ponies, zombies, pokemon, monsters, demons, vampires and mythology. I walk a fine line between badass, scary and girly. View all posts by kaikiriyama

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