More thoughts on Co-Authoring

I know I mentioned this before, but I feel like this is something that a lot of people jump into without thinking. Co-Authoring a project is HARD. You’ve gotta be on the same page or else you’re gonna end up fighting and then your awesome idea is never gonna get written. And even when it does, there’s STILL things to consider.

Are you both into the publishing game? Are you gonna sell it? Are you gonna self-publish? What about editing? Are you gonna fight over what to change etc? The list goes on.

The crazy thing is that this specific project was slated to be a series. We are still talking about where the series is supposed to go. I think we have it mostly sorted out now, but you never know. We could change our minds later.

The other problem I’ve run into is that my co-author has a favourite character. The next book in the series is meant to focus on that character. I’m ready to write it. I know where it needs to go to progress the overarching story the series is supposed to have, and I’m rip-roaring and chomping at the bit, waiting to get started.

My partner isn’t.

She’s also not particularly fond of my approach to writing emotional torment into my books. She doesn’t wanna see her baby get brutalized, and I can’t promise that it won’t end up there.

I also have had the feeling lately that querying a co-authored project is a LOT harder than querying one I’ve written alone. I feel like  most agents aren’t willing to take a chance on two unpublished authors in a very competitive market. Dunno if that’s true, but it’s certainly how I feel.

So there, more food for thought. I still maintain that if you find the right person to co-author with, it’s gonna be one of the most fulfilling experiences that you’ll ever have a writer.

Even if you don’t get published.


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