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Irregular Update: Pathogen: Patient Zero Call for Blog Tour Hosts

Hey everyone!

So as I announced earlier, my book, Pathogen: Patient Zero is being released by Lemorn Literary Works on May 1, 2013. (HOLY CRAP, 10 DAYS!)

I’m currently trying to put together a blog tour, so I’m looking for some brave souls to host me and my insanity. And maybe some pre-zombie mayhem.

The dates for the tour are tentatively April 25 through May 5, (subject to change upon availability of ARCS and stuff, but I think this is it) so there’s a whole 10 days  of insanity to get in on!

Here’s the info you need to consider:

What is the application process for becoming a Pathogen: Patient Zero  blog tour host?

That’s pretty simple.

1. Have a blog.
2. Tell me that you want in, what day you want to host, and what kind of content you want to host.

That’s IT!

What options are there for host content on the Pathogen: Patient Zero blog tour?

Your content options as a host consist of the following:

  • Book review
  • Author interview
  • Author guest post on YOUR blog (with subject matter of your choice)

As a host on the blog tour, you can pick any combination of the above options for the day that you host the tour. If you are choosing to do a review of Pathogen: Patient Zero, please email me at to get an ARC for review. (*Please note that this is an ebook only, all ARCS will be in digital format.)

What requirements must the host blog offer on their host days?

Aside from the chosen content, all I ask is a couple of links. A link back to my site, a link to my publisher’s site and a link to where your readers can purchase this book (after May 1) is all that I’m asking you ensure that you have somewhere in the blog.

Someone else has picked the date I wanted, what do I do?

The dates are first come, first served. One stop per day. Pick another date, please.

That’s pretty much it!

I really hope that you’ll join me on this insanity. Thank you SO much for letting me do this! I love you all!

Leave a comment letting me know if you’re interested, shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter. Let’s get this party started!!

EDIT: Also, I’m gonna put together a giveaway at the end of the blog tour, dunno what the prizes are gonna be yet though! Stay tuned. (I’m also gonna try to get a blog tour host prize pack contest, too! Stay tuned for that, as well!)


Thursday, April 25: Filled
Friday, April 26: Filled
Saturday, April 27: Filled
Sunday, April 28: Filled
Monday, April 29: Filled
Tuesday, April 30: Filled
Wednesday, May 1: Book release Day! Filled
Thursday, May 2: Filled
Friday, May 3: Open
Saturday, May 4: Book release party on google+/youtube!: Filled
Sunday, May 5: Final Day! Filled


Writer Wednesday: Patient Zero announcement

Hey guys!

So, I was sick today, and I’ve been working really long hours at my day job, which is not an excuse for lack of updates but it’s a reason at least. I’ll try to do some “irregular updates” to make up for it this week. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for all of your support, love and comments, here and on Twitter.

I love all of you and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the wonderful community of friends and fellow writers I have built up.

I have a huge bit of news to announce.

My zombie trilogy “Pathogen” has been picked up by Lemorn Literary Works. “Pathogen: Patient Zero” has an official release date of May 1, 2013.

We already went through this is with Blaze Tuesday, so I’m TRYING not to freak out as much, but I can’t help it. (:

Thank you again, and I do hope you’ll continue to support me as I continue to make my way through the publishing world.

All my love,
-Kai Kiriyama


Book release panic

My debut novel, Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon will be available for purchase beginning March 19, 2013, which, at the time of this writing, is tomorrow.

I’m having a mild panic attack.

I feel like it’s Christmas, my birthday and the first day of school all rolled into one.

I’m excited to have this thing available for everyone else. I’m excited beyond comprehension because this is the thing I have wanted since I was a child. I’ve worked very hard to get here and I’m ecstatic.

But at the same time, I’m kinda sitting here going “what if no one likes me?” and “what if Blaze is a failure and my publishers wanna drop me like a sack of bricks?”

It’s like an excitement and self-doubt smoothie. I get one feeling, and then it’s replaced with the other. I’m sure there’s more layers to this whole neurotic mess that I’ve become, so it’s probably more like a seven layer dip or a taco or something else that is layered and food-like. (I’m not hungry, I just can’t think of a better simile for this without getting into some crazy geography lesson.) Possibly this is an excitement and self-doubt layer cake. I don’t quite know. (And before you ask, no it’s not like an onion, it’s not like a parfait and I am certainly not cheesy on the outside.)

And I know that this a perfectly normal thing to be experiencing.

I’ve tried to prepare myself. I’ve read ALL the blogs and articles about making [your] indie or self-pubbed  book release a success. I’m doing all that I can to promote, currently. And I’ve made like a hundred check lists and have completed most of them. (Although, completing really means rewriting and starting over.)

And I still never did get around to putting Blaze Tuesday on Goodreads. (CRAP! Someone remind me to do that ASAP.)

If I survive my first week of having a book out in the wild, I will write a follow-up.

For now though, I’m just trying to breathe and it’s getting mildly difficult.

I know, though, that it’ll be okay.


Because I have you guys. All of my readers, my friends, my family. My “team”. I’ve put together a huge support system and I cherish each and every one of you.


You guys have kept me (relatively) sane throughout this and I’m sure that I’ll need you more now than ever.

Anyway. Be sure to pick up Blaze Tuesday tomorrow for me okay?

You can find the purchase links on my publisher’s website.

Blaze Tuesday Cover Reveal!

Here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

I am pleased to reveal the cover for Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon.

*drumroll please*





This cover was designed by Josh “Scud” Miller and you can find his work here

A second really quick announcement: I will have posters! The cover and the logo for the Early Tuesday Detective agency will be printed as posters (with a few others coming soon) and they’ll be available for purchase very soon — and you’ll have the chance to win some at the book release party on Friday.

Okay, that’s it for me.

Lemme know what you think of the cover in the comments.

It’s Saint Patrick’s day, Blaze and I have some drinking to get to!


Writer Wednesday: Engaging your Audience

Sorry, I know I’m a day late with this “Wednesday” blog. It tends to happen that I get remarkably busy on Wednesdays and blogging goes by the wayside.

So in spirit of the theme, I’m keeping this short and to the point.

Engage your audience.

So many people forget this, especially as artists of any kind.

It’s fine and dandy to put your work out there for the world, but in today’s fast-paced, multi-media world, how do you stand above the crowd? It’s not easy. You have to brand yourself, market yourself, work almost ’round the clock to carve away the the stone of the social media machines until your voice finally rises from the crowd and people start to notice you.

Am I there yet?

Not particularly. I have a few friends and a decent following on Twitter and stuff, but most of those people I don’t know. I don’t talk to, and they don’t talk to me. It’s saddening and troubling, especially when I”m sitting here with a book on the cusp of release.

Find a way to engage your audience from day 1.

Talk to people. Interact. Engage. Don’t just sit there and yammer into the void. No one wants to hear insane ramblings. We pass the crazy guy on the street with the “Doomsday is upon us” sign without a second thought. He is essentially yammering into the void.

Be polite.

Be clever.

Be interesting.

Be respectful.

Don’t be a dick. (Wheaton’s Law.)

Tell your story, but always remember that the people who are gonna propel that story are the ones int he audience. Engage them. They are the ones whose interest you need to maintain.

Irregular Update: Anxiety!

As I’ve been rambling, Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon is being released on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

As of this writing, that’s 2 weeks.

This is my first novel that is being published.

I thought I was okay. Y’know? Excited. Dreaming big, dreaming bigger than that. Doing all that I can, currently to build up an audience and promote the book release. Starting to look at offline promo that I can do for a book that has some serious niche marketing etc.

And then it dawned on me.

I have a book coming out in 2 weeks.

The next time I go to hang out with the writer’s group I’m a part of, as we meet up once a month and then meet up and do write-ins during NaNoWriMo, I will be a published author.

I love my book. I love my characters. I am so happy that there was a third party willing to pick up the title, hand me a contract and say “let’s make this a reality.”

And I’ve been really, really excited.

Unfortunately, all of a sudden, this excitement has turned into a nervous kind of anxiety. A lot of what ifs. A lot “of oh my God, this isn’t actually happening.” A lot of self-doubt.

Just writing this all out, putting my feelings into the aether of the internet is making me feel worse. I have anxious jitters and it’s making me wanna throw up.

We say that we’re our own biggest critics and I think that is definitely very true. I know that I can be my own worst enemy a lot of the time. I’m the one full of self-doubt and anxiety.

I was warned about this, and I was all like “na’ah, I’ll be okay. I’m a trooper. I’m invincible. I’m more than just a mere mortal, I have caffeine and self-imposed deadlines! I’ll just stay insanely busy and ignore the jotters!”

Well, I was wrong. I have the jitters.

Usually I’m insanely cocky and self-assured. I’m convinced that things will go viral or explode or something and that I’m gonna rise to fame from nothing and join the ranks of supreme authors like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and yes, even Stephanie Meyers.  Usually I’m dreaming big and convinced that this is GOING TO HAPPEN. Right now. People are gonna be clamoring for the next installment pretty much as soon as the first one hits shelves.

But then that feeling subsides a little bit and the anxiety sets in. Jitters. Worry. Fear.

Mostly, I’m afraid that I’m just gonna be sitting here with a novel and I’m gonna be just screaming into the void forever. I”m afraid that no one will love it. I’m afraid that it’s all been pointless.

I’m my own worst enemy, and I don’t think that anything is gonna make this easier until the book is released.


By the way, there’s a cover contest running right now. I’d really love it if you’d enter. Blaze needs a cover. You can find the details here, and the first chapter is up for consumption at the bottom, too.

Free Fiction Friday: Only Girl in the World, Tuesday.

I wanted to kind of play around with Blaze Tuesday in his younger days, back when he was a cop. I’ve been thinking about novellas and stuff and just really exploring the backstory and the world of Blaze Tuesday and Jackson Early. So, with that in mind, I have written this flash piece for you.

Warning: Incoming shameless plug!

Don’t forget that you can go to the Blaze Tuesday Cover Contest, enter and read the first chapter of The Case of the Knight Surgeon and then pick up Blaze’s debut novel from Lemorn Literary Works on Tuesday, March 19!

Only Girl in the World, Tuesday

It was a shock when the Seventeenth’s mortician decided that it was time to retire. The guy was young, barely older than fifty, and that’s sayin’ something in a world like mine where technological upgrades to your body could mean that you’re livin’ upwards of a hundred years before your organs start to fail or senility kicks in. No one argued with the doctor, though. He was a good guy, and the job was just startin’ to get to be too much.

I was just impressed that he hadn’t been hittin’ anything harder than the bottle. Crime rates were up again, for the fifth consecutive year, and the murders we’d been seein’ were getting more brutal by the day. No one knew why, exactly, we’d been seeing an influx of young kids showing up in the morgue with bits of them chopped off or mutilated. God knew what the hell was happening. I’d been assigned to a few of the dead kids’ cases, but so far, nothing was clicking.

It was pretty obvious that the doctor couldn’t deal with the dead kids rollin’ through his doors every day. He needed to be with his family, and that was more than fine by us. No one could hold it against him. I don’t have kids, hell, I don’t even have a family to speak of, so I couldn’t relate, but I understood. And that was enough.

We had a party and we all dressed in our formal blues. The precinct was somber for days after the doctor left. His replacement was coming in from out of town and wouldn’t be here for a week, we were sendin’ our forensics off to neighbouring precincts until the replacement got here. We couldn’t be without autopsies, and the hospitals weren’t in the habit of doing freelance. So we had to make special trips to the next available morgue and work with whoever was willing to take on the cases.

I ended up all over the city with my partner and the work wasn’t quite as good as what we were used to.

I swear, it was the longest week in history.

The new coroner arrived on a Monday, actually two days early, and I wasted to time in heading down the rickety old elevator to stop in and say hello.

I hated the morgue. It was all chrome and white. Blindingly bright and overly cold and mildly smelling of disinfectant.

“Hello?” I called as I stepped into the familiar morgue and tried desperately to not let myself be too creeped out. “Doctor Mason?”

I wasn’t expecting what the new doctor looked like.

“Hi,” Doctor Mason replied, coming out of the back room. She was cute, pale, with short, messy, dark hair and big blue doe eyes.  She was dressed in simple dark clothes and the white lab coat over top made her skin even paler. “I’m Kali Mason, who are you?”

“Detective Blaze Tuesday,” I choked, taking her proffered hand to shake.

She smiled brightly and it lit up her entire face. I felt suddenly very out of my league.

“Well, Detective Tuesday,” Kali cooed, “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”